Kamis, 17 April 2014

CBA: Central Axis idea Realistic and Empirical

Chairman of the National Awakening Party ( PKB ) , Muhaimin Iskandar called the idea of ​​a central axis as the ideal thing .

Even though , remains to be tested empirically realistic . That is , it must have a high electability .

However , he said , until now there has been no talk about a central axis .
In fact not a single political party that took CLA for serious talk about the central axis .

"Today , there are approaches to coalition formation toward the central axis , and I had to send one of the administrators of PKB there . Later we see growth , " said Muhaimin , Thursday ( 17/4 ) night .

He added , CLA continues to finalize talks with PDI ( PDI-P ) .

" As of today, the CBA continues to finalize talks with PDIP . Though was not final , each party continued to consult internal to the party . Mindset We finalize the plan and design of the next government , " said Muhaimin .
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However , Muhaimin said , CLA also did not close myself to communicate with others . CLA also focusing seek coalition formula sturdy and strong .


Easter holidays , Ludes Train Tickets To Sunday

Celebrating the long Easter holiday , the rest of the train journey ticket from Semarang to Jakarta, Bandung , and Surabaya , sold out. The candidate will depart sharply passengers , had to be willing to not get a ticket. Reason , PT Kereta Api Operational District IV Semarang , do not add carriage departure .

Until Thursday afternoon , 17 April 2014 , Tawang Station dipadati candidate passengers will buy tickets to departure. However, most passengers have to bite the finger , because they do not get a ticket to find.

All tickets for the purpose of Jakarta , Bandung , and Surabaya to Sunday 20 April 2014 , are sold out. The high number of potential passengers is because they take a long break and Easter weekend . The passengers had to switch to using transportation such as bus and aircraft .
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According to Public Relations of PT KAI Daops IV Semarang , Eco Budiyanto , although the number of potential passengers continue membludak , suitable fixed his plan will not increase railway carriage .

" Expiration departure ticket is because the candidate passengers can book tickets is much the day before , " said Eko.

As is known, since the online system apply , candidates rail passengers can book tickets over the course of 90 days prior to departure.


Selasa, 15 April 2014

Passenger Ferry 450 people sinks in South Korea

A passenger ferry 450 people drowned in the southwestern coast of South Korea . Dozens of rescue boats lowered to evacuate the victims were mostly junior high school students .

The BBC , the incident occurred around 9 am local time , Wednesday, April 16, 2014 . Many as 320 passengers of whom are junior high school students departing from Incheon to vacation at Jeju Island .

Not less than 34 naval ships , coast guard and civilian ships plus the power of 18 helicopters to evacuate the victims descended on the ship named Sewol it . In a television broadcast , seen several passengers were transported by helicopter . Some students were asked to jump into the water so as not to be dragged shipwreck .
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The coast guard confirmed that at least one was killed in the incident . The new one is known to have injuries , namely fractured leg . A total of 161 confirmed to have been evacuated .

Not yet known what caused the sinking of the ship. But according to witnesses quoted by Yonhap news agency , the ship suddenly stopped before finally sinking .

" We heard a loud noise and the ship stopped . Ship suddenly tilted and we have to hold on to keep from falling from the seat , " said a passenger . The ship was then sent a distress signal about 20 kilometers from the island Byungpoong .


Senin, 14 April 2014

NasDem: Other Party Coalition Bids must duped by Jokowi

Jakarta - NasDem Party became the first binding with PDI-P coalition supporting pencapresan Jokowi . There is a concept of a new coalition offered Jokowi so make NasDem hooked. However, this concept is believed will make the other party duped .

Secretary General Patrice Rio Capella said NasDem coalition offered Jokowi different from the concept that there is so far . Jokowi , said Rio , not promising ministerial seats . Well , according to him , the party involved in the current coalition was definitely duped by the offer Jokowi coalition .

" Duped lah . , But it is the case that they understand his coalition . We strengthen presidential system , cabinet up to the presidential system the president , that he could take some of the political parties , but it's up to the president , " said Rio told AFP on Monday ( 04/15/2014 ) night .
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Rio said Jokowi did not lure ministerial chair to NasDem . Instead , NasDem not ask the minister or vice seats to Jokowi .

" Togetherness is important that , rather amusing when we ask so much, we also know ourselves , " he said .

The concept offered Jokowi , said Rio , is the similarity of ideas about strengthening the presidential system in order to build the nation . This concept fits with the view NasDem to make positive changes .

However, Rio believes in a timely manner will invite NasDem Jokowi talk about the government . About the new ideas and improvements to the nation's future .

" We definitely are involved , since the coalition stood together , sat together , " he concluded .


Sabtu, 12 April 2014

Disdik Terima Soal UN Besok

Lebak District Education Office will receive national exam script SMA / SMK / MA on Sunday (13/4), in accordance with the distribution is done printing the Ministry of Education and Culture.

"We so far have not received a distribution of the national exam," said Head of Education Lebak Komar Asep Hidayat in the Valley on Saturday.
He said the distribution of matter in the UN Lebak centered at SMK 1 Rangkasbitung.

Furthermore, three representatives in the target area (Wilbi) Lebak, they took themselves with police escort.

"We are tomorrow morning (Sunday red) after arriving to the UN of the printing and directly distributed to the three Wilbi it," he said.

According to him, the number of participants for the 2013-2014 school year UN SMA / SMK / MA recorded 10 883 students. They are generally prepared for the UN because of the way the day had already established learning problems tested.

In addition, some schools have optimized the tryout or pre-examination testing both the school and district level. Implementation of this tryout aims to determine the child's ability to hone knowledge subjects tested.

Based on the data, participants will follow the UN in Lebak district recorded 10 883 high school students with the details of 4,791 students, 4,021 vocational students and MA as many as 2,071 students. "We hope all students who follow the UN this year passed all," he said.

He said the distribution of matter also involves the security of UN police officers up to the level of representation wilbi.

Security, he said, to prevent a leak about the UN.

It also involves the supervision of independent college.
He said he is optimistic about a 100 percent graduation target is reached with tutoring strategies for four months. Those students receive guidance and counseling subjects at UN-right.
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Subjects tested for MA include Indonesian, English, and Math, plus the subjects of Chemistry, Physics, and Biology for science majors. Majoring in social studies subjects plus geography, economics and sociology.

"We're ready menghadpi UN peace to achieve 100 percent graduation," he added.


Kamis, 10 April 2014

Fish Killed search electrocuted in River Gelis

Residents who live along the banks of the river entrance Gelis Demaan Village area, Sub City, Friday (11/4) were surprised by the findings of a corpse which was then identified as Suwarto (44) resident of RT 4 RW 4 Sub City. He was found dead lying on the right embankment Gelis cable while holding the stun.

Allegedly, he was killed by an electric shock, which brought its own. Sources are collected from the crime scene (TKP) said the incident is known around 06.00. Several witnesses saw the victim crossing was at that place. "He was an ordinary looking sideline to catch fish by means of electric shocks," Kades said Demaan, Suardi.
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During the day, the victim worked as a construction worker, while at night often find fish along the river Gelis. "Families of the victims have been notified of the incident," he said.

Based on the observation, hundreds of people began to crowd in around the scene. Most immediately plunged in the river near its victims. When the depth of the water only reaches 30 inches. Some residents were also seen on the bridge of the river not far from Gelis places. These conditions resulted in the traffic flow in Jalan Sunan Kudus little choked up.

The crowd made a number of road users slow down the pace of the vehicle. Traffic officer was busy regulating traffic flow in that place. City health center medical staff, Dr. Ana, said the victims are thought to have died on Thursday (10/4) night around 20:00. Regarding the cause of death, allegedly due to shock fish finder tool carries.


Mega Voices Still Hoping PDIP Above 20 Percent

Chairman of the Democratic Party of Struggle ( PDI-P ) , Megawati Sukarnoputri grateful to the quick count results ( quick count ) that puts his party as the winner of the election .

But he still hopes his party can penetrate electability above 20 percent in the vote count at the Commission . " My prayer actually be more than 20 percent , " Megawati said in Kebagusan , South Jakarta .

Although it was expected to fail to reach the target of 27.02 per cent of the party , Megawati was quite satisfied with the results of the quick count . He expressed gratitude to the Indonesian people who have supported PDIP .

According to reports received by Megawati , PDIP ahead in 15 provinces . Namely , Bali , North Sulawesi , West Kalimantan , Jakarta , Yogyakarta , Maluku , Pacific Islands , Central Kalimantan , Central Java , Lampung , East Kalimantan , North Sumatra , West Java , Bengkulu , and Banten .

He also appreciates the voter turnout in legislative elections yesterday . He said turnout reached 70 percent showed a better quality of democracy .

Megawati added , PDI-P will continue to monitor the vote counting process at the central level to the Provincial Election Commission . " We would like to thank all the people of Indonesia who have given support to the PDI-P , " Megawati said .

Previous PDIP predicted the vote failed to reach the target they had set in pileg 2014. Based on a quick count ( quick count ) conducted an internal Agency PDIP winning elections in collaboration with Indonesian Voice Network ( JSI ) , PDIP won only 18.72 percent sound .

Away from the target when they planned the sound of the National Working Meeting ( rakernas ) - III to the 27.2 per cent . PDIP and JSI quick count involving two thousand polling stations in all regions of Indonesia.

Temporary data that has been entered at 18:04 pm hinggal has reached 1,519 TPS , or about 75.95 percent . It is estimated that this data will not be much different to all the data from the server to the polling station entrance quick count .
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Under the existing PDIP Golkar Party won 15.77 percent . Then followed Gerindra 11.58 percent , 9.89 percent CLA , the Democratic Party 9.42 percent , 7.74 percent PAN , Nasdem 6.49 percent , 6.34 percent PPP , PKS 6.31 percent , 5.22 percent Hanura , UN 1.52 percent , 1.03 percent PKPI .