Selasa, 22 April 2014

Think Jokowi Fair existence "Mark-Up" Fund

Jakarta Governor Joko Widodo confirmed the budget listed twice in the 2014 budget .

Jokowi also thinks the budget is reasonable if there are " double " and bubbled get away from the office and the City Council . Therefore , there are 62,000 more budget items listed in the budget 2014. Moreover , verification of each budget item is done manually .

" There may be checked one by one . , But if there is anything like this, yes means would not want to detail his service , " said Jokowi .

However, Jokowi states have ways to cope with double the budget lines . First , he has instructed all Head Unit (SKPD ) to lock eyes were found to double the budget or in the mark up .

Jokowi said he did not know the total number of eyes troubled budget . "It will be replaced in the budget changes , the end of 2014 to something useful , real , and concrete , " said Jokowi at City Hall , Central Jakarta , Tuesday ( 22/04/2014 ) afternoon .

Previously reported , the findings inflate the budget or budget doubles not only in the Department of Education and Department of Public Works , but also in the work unit (SKPD ) other . Value reached Rp 1.8 trillion of the total budget of Rp 72 trillion .

Head of Financial Management Agency ( BPKD) Widjajanti Endang said , usually the budget duplication occurs in allied unit .
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" For example, many programs similar to the Tax Office , the Department of Public Works to the Department of Housing Building Jakarta administration , the Department of Transportation , Department of Spatial Planning at the Department of Building Control ( P2B ) , " said Endang .


Step Jokowi and Hadi Case Affect Stocks

Today's Fort Suryadharma Ali Degree Plenary Meeting
Party Chief Development Association Achmad admin Natakusumah says his party will hold a plenary session to hold a number of political measures that do facto leader Suryadharma Ali . One of the points that will be discussed is about the coming Suryadharma Ali to attend the Gelora Bung Karno akbar campaign Gerindra Party .

"There are a number of things that must be held accountable facto leader , " he said when contacted admin , Tuesday, April 22, 2014 . Besides coming to Gerindra Party campaign , admin said General Chairman will report the evaluation of the implementation of the legislative elections . " Including financial problems , " he said. ( Read : Support Takedowns Suryadharma District -Wide )
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Admin hope Romahurmuziy already rotated the Chief DPP is present in the plenum . This plenary session will also verify the PPP support in upcoming presidential elections . According to him , the support to be confirmed Prabowo plenum before later taken to the national work conference . PPP plenum plan will be called starting at 12.00 am at the offices of PPP , Jalan Diponegoro.

The conflict started when the PPP PPP General Chairman Suryadharma Ali attended Gerindra Party campaign . The action gets hard criticism from a number of parties Faced Islam . Responded to this criticism by Suryadharma with a number dismissal of managers. Removed a number of managers stay close calls and pause Suryadharma from office . ( Read : Suryadharma : PPP Do Until Buried in 2014 )

Dilatarbelakangi termination action Suryadharma determine the coalition before rapimnas and choose Prabowo Subianto arrived and Gerindra Party . In line with the national work conference in Bandung , the results of the presidential and vice presidential candidates and the PPP coalition can only be determined through rapimnas . Also remove Suryadharma , closely PPP also menganulir dismissal of six elite and the four provincial chief directorate .


Minggu, 20 April 2014

Originally Sengata Teen Hacker Case Will Solved Kinship

The meeting between the Department of Education of the East Kutai regency , East Kalimantan with the company hacked by a student and the perpetrator's family of origin Kutim in East Java Police Headquarters will be held on Monday ( 21/04/2014 ) .

The meeting agenda is the completion of familial cases of alleged burglary deposit balance ( virtual account ) owned by PT Citos Connection partners , by the unexpected " hackers " initials AD ( 16 ) of Sangatta , East Kutai Regency .

Head of Education Kutim , Iman Hidayat , Sunday ( 20/04/2014 ) night , said the plan Monday morning it will be departing from Aberdeen to attend the meeting . Sister AD , the initials MA , will depart with the team Disdik .

Before the meeting in East Java Police , the parties will hold a meeting at Juanda Airport , Surabaya .

" The plan is there are technical issues discussed back and some draft agreement signed , " he said .

Faith was hoping , the meeting produced results in accordance with the agreement signed by both parties in Yogyakarta , namely peace and revocation report .

There are several decision points that are generated in the meeting in Yogyakarta . First , the company held no objection to peace and settlement amicably for the common good .

Second , Disdik Kutim willing to bear the damages the company in the context of family settlement earlier . Third , a further meeting will be held at antarpara the East Java Police Headquarters .

" At a meeting in Yogyakarta agreed to repeal a complaint report will be done in East Java Police . We hope everything is well . We certainly want the best for our students , " said Faith .

AD allegedly breaking into a deposit account ( virtual account ) belongs to some big company partners based in East Java and Yogyakarta , via the activity on the internet aka being a hacker .

The meeting of the party held at the Police Headquarters Katim scheduled for 23 April 21 April given the police powers of detention process has been exhausted . So there is still time to repeal a police report by the rapporteur .

Related losses that need to be replaced , there is additional value later . " At first it was USD 15 million . Having recapitulated anniversary of partners including , it rose to about USD 17 million . Insha Allah we stick with our commitment , " said Faith .

The company reasoned legal action to uncover who the real hackers . And conduct a precaution against similar events in the future .

Legal party company explaining , that the complainant , namely Averroes, a third-party security services that serve their information systems . " So they are legal just found out that the perpetrator was a child . And they are ready to communicate further with us , " said Faith .

" When they understand the condition , they declared open up . They were shocked by the Education Department 's response to this case . Material damages For those not that important . Yet the unfolding of this case , " he said .

When the police show AD in the media , stated that the accused charged under Article 30 paragraph ( 3 ) in conjunction with Article 36 paragraph ( 3 ) Law Decree No. 11 of 2008 concerning electronic information and transactions . Criminal threats maximum of 8 years and a maximum fine of Rp 800 million .

On the other hand , the head of school, studying AD , insists his side will still receive army back after he underwent legal process is complete .

" We saw the positive side of this case . We were not sure that the AD to do the action for criminal motives . Could be he did it to test the ability of the test alias science or just a fad , " he said .

He said he was committed to accept the return of AD and provide guidance and support needed in order to further develop AD . " Children like AD has great potential to be developed . Broad So be useful , " he said .

In the effort . strengthening the positive side in this matter , the school will provide extra attention and special guidance . Interests and talents so fully developed .
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" It is also a correction for the industry to further improve the standard of digital security , " he said .


Sabtu, 19 April 2014

Fingerprint Attorney Corruption Continues in PLN Yogyakarta

Investigation of alleged corruption Rp 22 billion project in the State Electricity Company ( PLN ) continues. High Court of Yogyakarta examine witnesses partners who worked on the renovation and construction of buildings belonging to the PLN .

" For two days already examined five partners , " said Purwanta Sudarmadji , Section Head of Information Law Attorney DIY , Friday, April 18, 2014 .

He states , for two weeks , investigators focus check totaling 20 partners . Examination The material surrounding the volume of work done .
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Description of the partners , he said , to strengthen the evidence investigators ensnare suspects . In this case , the investigator establishes a suspect : former Area Manager PLN Yogyakarta dawn Isnandi aka Nana.

In buildings revitalization project as DIY PLN in 2012 , there are hundreds of jobs package . PLN area of ​​Yogyakarta took dozens of partners , of which PLN rayon Wonosasi , Kalasan , South Yogyakarta , and Sedayu .

Investigators in the Attorney DIY discovered evidence that led to the existence of corruption in the project .

The suspect , said Purwanto , is the person responsible for the project . But he has not been arrested . " Investigators are still focused on the examination partner , " he said .

Anti-corruption activist DIY Network , Erwan Suryono , stated Attorney DIY should seek other suspects . Therefore , there may be cases of corruption committed by one person . " Kan , there may be only one suspect who do , there must be someone else , " he said .


Kamis, 17 April 2014

CBA: Central Axis idea Realistic and Empirical

Chairman of the National Awakening Party ( PKB ) , Muhaimin Iskandar called the idea of ​​a central axis as the ideal thing .

Even though , remains to be tested empirically realistic . That is , it must have a high electability .

However , he said , until now there has been no talk about a central axis .
In fact not a single political party that took CLA for serious talk about the central axis .

"Today , there are approaches to coalition formation toward the central axis , and I had to send one of the administrators of PKB there . Later we see growth , " said Muhaimin , Thursday ( 17/4 ) night .

He added , CLA continues to finalize talks with PDI ( PDI-P ) .

" As of today, the CBA continues to finalize talks with PDIP . Though was not final , each party continued to consult internal to the party . Mindset We finalize the plan and design of the next government , " said Muhaimin .
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However , Muhaimin said , CLA also did not close myself to communicate with others . CLA also focusing seek coalition formula sturdy and strong .


Easter holidays , Ludes Train Tickets To Sunday

Celebrating the long Easter holiday , the rest of the train journey ticket from Semarang to Jakarta, Bandung , and Surabaya , sold out. The candidate will depart sharply passengers , had to be willing to not get a ticket. Reason , PT Kereta Api Operational District IV Semarang , do not add carriage departure .

Until Thursday afternoon , 17 April 2014 , Tawang Station dipadati candidate passengers will buy tickets to departure. However, most passengers have to bite the finger , because they do not get a ticket to find.

All tickets for the purpose of Jakarta , Bandung , and Surabaya to Sunday 20 April 2014 , are sold out. The high number of potential passengers is because they take a long break and Easter weekend . The passengers had to switch to using transportation such as bus and aircraft .
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According to Public Relations of PT KAI Daops IV Semarang , Eco Budiyanto , although the number of potential passengers continue membludak , suitable fixed his plan will not increase railway carriage .

" Expiration departure ticket is because the candidate passengers can book tickets is much the day before , " said Eko.

As is known, since the online system apply , candidates rail passengers can book tickets over the course of 90 days prior to departure.


Selasa, 15 April 2014

Passenger Ferry 450 people sinks in South Korea

A passenger ferry 450 people drowned in the southwestern coast of South Korea . Dozens of rescue boats lowered to evacuate the victims were mostly junior high school students .

The BBC , the incident occurred around 9 am local time , Wednesday, April 16, 2014 . Many as 320 passengers of whom are junior high school students departing from Incheon to vacation at Jeju Island .

Not less than 34 naval ships , coast guard and civilian ships plus the power of 18 helicopters to evacuate the victims descended on the ship named Sewol it . In a television broadcast , seen several passengers were transported by helicopter . Some students were asked to jump into the water so as not to be dragged shipwreck .
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The coast guard confirmed that at least one was killed in the incident . The new one is known to have injuries , namely fractured leg . A total of 161 confirmed to have been evacuated .

Not yet known what caused the sinking of the ship. But according to witnesses quoted by Yonhap news agency , the ship suddenly stopped before finally sinking .

" We heard a loud noise and the ship stopped . Ship suddenly tilted and we have to hold on to keep from falling from the seat , " said a passenger . The ship was then sent a distress signal about 20 kilometers from the island Byungpoong .